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Abraham Layton Family
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My information on the Layton family is limited until they arrived in Iowa.

 Hugh Ford married Eliza Barto/Bartow

Kizah 1846 married Stewart and Baker
Lucetta 1850 married Anderson
Eliza 1853
Michael Taggert 1855 Married Mary Stemmel*
Michael Taggert 1855 Married Mary Spracklen 1860
Lydia married Sisson

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Michael Taggert and Mary Stemmel

Samuel Stimmel 1872-1938

Michael Taggert and Mary Spracklen

Inez Irene 1877 Married Charles Duhigg**
Arthur Soloman 1878 Married Lottie May Anthony**
Eliza Jane 1880 Married Oszi Kirkpatrick
Michael Taggart Jr. 1883 Married Maude McClure
Bessie 1885 Married Sam Davis (See Davis pages)
Hattie Ann 1887 Married Joseph Walter Engelke**
Judgson Finley 1889 (Died at age 20)
   Agnes 1893 (Died at age 1)
Jasper Roy 1894 (Never married)
Allen Andrew 1896 Married Ethel Doty, Josephine Sorenson
Mason Ford 1899 Married Mary Cortellu, Mary Germany
Edward Lee 1902 (stillborn)

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