Richard Davis

Nebraska Indian Scout

 Seven Spanish Angels

     Richard Davis served as a Nebraska Indian Scout during the Civil War. It was either there or in Missouri that he met Zacharia Little, brother of Susan Little who later became Richard's wife....
         From the only page I have from the Davis Family Bible it states "Richard Davis was born in Dekalb County Missouri, 1844 and died at Modale, Iowa,  July 4th 1923 at the age of 78 years 6 months and 9 days. for every he was a Civil War Veteran. one to come to the show." I have copied this just as it was written on the page.  I have no idea who wrote this or when.   I do have copies of his Civil War papers, which tell very little.  Susan was a pipe smoker from the pictures I have seen. They are both buried at the Calhoun Cemetery, Harrison County  Iowa.     


   Richard and Susan Little Davis

Albert Married Rodie Smith*
Thomas** Married Dora May Powell*
Henry** Married Mary J. Frame
Bell Married Burt Farris
Ida Married Pat Caywood**
Samuel 1881 Married Bessie Layton
Preston Married Mable Bartlet
Kate Married William S. Wallace*
William Madison 1884 Married Vivian Parker*
George (Died at age 16)
Dolly (Died as a child)

**Twin *Additional Information available

Thomas Davis Family
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Sam and Bessie Layton Davis

Frances 1909 Married David LeDoux* and Charles Groppo
Velma 1911 Married Dale Alton*
Wilma 1921 Married Kermit Broselle*
Loretta Ann Married Leroy Wallis and Dick Gushman*

*Additional Family information available    

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Judy Wallis White
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Richard and Susan Little Davis
Sons Preston and William

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