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The information contained on this web page was taken from the book Mondamin Centennial 1868-1968.   I am grateful to these hard working individuals that gave freely of their time to gather information to make this book a part of Mondamin history.  As you read these pages, please remember that this book was written in 1968 and business that were here then may no longer  be a part of our community.

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     On the west line of Harrison County and the second township from the north line, is Morgan Township, in which is situated the town of Mondamin.
     Morgan township was organized in 1867, and derived its name from Morgan County, Ohio, from which Capt. John Noyes, one of the earlier settlers in Harrison County came. 
     When Mondamin was first laid out as a town site, Main street ran north and south parallel to the east side of the railroad.  Across the tracks on the West side were large wood lots where the railroad company kept ties and fuel for the wood burning locomotives.  The first train on the new railroad came through Mondamin on March 8, 1868.
     After the coming of the railroad, a Mr. Fletcher and Captain Noyes had the only general merchandise stores.  However in 1878 more business establishments were started and main street became a lively place with many business places along the east side.
     On the West side next of the tracks were located the corn cribs, and stockyards.  for all the stock was shipped by rail.  There were also two elevators, hitching racks and a wagon shop.

Noyes Store
Evan Noyes' General Store

     Today the only business places remaining on Main street are the Hotel, owned by Mrs. Flora Ruffcorn and Inversen's General Merchandise store and Locker Plant and the big Co-op Elevator and its building next to the railroad.
     In the early days on the south end of old Main street, there was a Boarding House where the Hotel is now.  Then there was Ed Springer's Jewelry Store, and a Harness Shop run by Mike Husselstine.  This building later became the Lyric Theatre.  Next to it was a Drug Store owned by Dr. McFarlane where he had an office and he lived in the back part of the building.  In 1892 the Odd Fellows put up a brick building in the business district.  They had their lodge room upstairs.  It is thought that the first business in the new building was a Drug Store owned by a Charles Taylor.  The building has been used mainly as a General Merchandise store through the years.  One of the earlier merchants was A. D. Gilmore and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Goodman.  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Iversen are the present owners.

    Main Street
Main Street

     It is not known just when the town began to use Maple street as the main business district.  For many years there were wooden sidewalks and no paving.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Noyes operated a two story Hotel on the corner where Keith's store is today.  Next to this was a meat marked owned by John Crewdson.  Later there was a Harness Shop, Drug Store, and Klutts Opera House built in this section of the street. 
      The Post Office was once located on the North side of the street.  Later Mr. W. J. Blair had a meat market here and he sold out to Les Crabb.
     The old King of Trails Highway was routed through the business district before there was any paving.  Later it became known as Highway 75.  There was much traffic through town until Interstate 29 a mile west of town was opened in December 1967.
     In 1968 the population of Mondamin was 450 people with the following named places of business.  The big Mondamin Co-Op Elevator Company, Hotel owned by Flora Ruffcorn, Iversen's General Merchandise and Locker plant, Mondamin Savings Bank, Shafer's Hardware, Weldon's Laundromat, Pepsi's Place, Louise's Place, Keith's Barber Shop, Ron's cafe.  Two Implement Companies, John deer and Mixfelt's Farm Supply.  There are three Beauty Shops, two Filling Stations.   Since the retirement of Ted Shannon in 1967, after 48 years in business.  Fred Keith holds the distinction of being in business longer than any other businessman in town.

         Main Street
Main Street South

"Mondamin, now a town of 450 people, was founded principally
as a  market place for its namesake,  Corn, has held  steadily to
that purpose,  and is today content with  that ambition,  but the
hardy,  American  spirit of its  people has  transformed   it  from
a crude, muddy, little village into a moderately  clean, modestly
progressive,  though  still  slightly  somnolent,   modern  town."

Mrs. Joe Johnson

Morrow Farm Commerical Hotel

Old Pat Morrow Place - Stagecoach Stop

Commercial Hotel

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