4. James PILAND II was born before 1687 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. He signed a will on 20 Mar 1727/28 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. He died in 1728 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. He had an estate probated on 22 Apr 1728 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. His name first appears in the will of his godfather, John Williams,
dated 1 March 1689. James' father, Richard, and grand-uncle, Thomas
Moore, with James Powell, were appointed as overseers of the will.
John Williams, Jr. was appointed executor of his father's estate. He
may have been the same John Williams who died in 1708. James Piland,
his brother, George Piland, and Francis Lee were witnesses to his
will, dated 15 March 1707/8 and recorded 1 May 1708. He was also,
quite possibly, the same Williams who married James' aunt, Margaret
(?) Moore. This relationship would account for Williams appointing
James Sampson and George Piland as his overseers, as James Sampson
would have been his wife's first cousin, while George Piland would
have been his wife's nephew. John Williams names three of his
children as legatees: son John, daughter Sarah, and eldest daughter,
Alexandra, who may have been the namesake of James' paternal
grandmother. The John Williams estate was appraised by James Piland,
Peter Deberry, John Weston and Richard Lewis and recorded 9 February
James Pyland of the Isle of Wight County in Warrick Squeak parish
being sick and weak of Body but of a sound & perfect mind and memory
praise be therefore given to Almighty God do make this my present last
will and Testament in manner & form following that is to say
First Imp I Comand my Soul into the hands of Almighty (God) hoping
through the ... passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to have full and
free pardon & forgiven of all my Sins & to inherit everlasting life &
my body I commit to the Earth to be decently burried at the
discrestion of my Executor hereafter named and as...the disposition of
all such it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me
I Give & bestow thereof as followeth
First I will that my debts & funerall Charges shall be paid &
Item I Give and bequeath to my Loving Wife Elizabeth Pyland two
feather Beds furniture to her and her heirs for ever this bed I
now...and that in the ...House. Item I Give unto my Loving Wife
Elizabeth one large Desk and negro boy named Sam to her and her heirs
forever & if she dye in her widowhood and without heirs my desire that
the negro boy Sam and the other Legacies may return unto my Children
to be equally divided.
Item I Give & bequeath to my Son James Pyland one new Feather bed &
furniture one young horse to him and his heirs for ever and my Box of
Doctor Instruments to my son James Pyland.
Item I Give & Bequeath to my Daughter Ann Pyland one new Feather bed
and furniture and small Desk to her and heirs for ever.
Item I Give and bequeath to my son Thomas Pyland one new Feather bed
and furniture to him and his heirs for ever.
Item I Give and bequeath to my son William Pyland ten pounds in Cash
to him & his heirs for ever.
Item I Give & bequeath to my Daughter Katherine ten pounds in Cash to
her and her heirs for ever.
Item I Give & bequeath to my Son Edward Pyland ten pounds in Cash to
him and his heirs for ever.
Item I allow my loving wife Elizabeth one pound and ten shillings in
Cash to buy one new bed tick all the rest & residue of my personal
Estate Goods and Chattles whatsoever I do Give to be equally divided
between my Loving wife and my Children.
I do nominate my Loving wife Elizabeth Pyland to be my full & sole
Executrix of this my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke &
make void all...wills and Testament by me heretofore made
In witness whereof I the said James Pyland to this my last will &
Testament have set my hand & seal this 20th day of march in the year
of our Lord 1727/8.
Signed & Sealed in the presents of us Robt Butler Ann Fones
At a court held for Isle of Wight county the 22nd day of April 1728
The last will & testament of James Pyland deced was presented in Court
by Elizabeth Pyland Executrix herein names who made oath thereto and
being proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto is admitted to
Test James Ingles Clk Cur
Elizabeth Pyland presented an appraisal of the estate, also dated 22
April 1728, but it was not recorded until 28 April 1740.
Peter Deberry, the co-appraiser of the Williams estate, was appointed
executor in the will of his relative, the widow Jane Smith, on 5
November 1710. James Piland and Elizabeth Wood were named as
James Piland, with Nicholas Thomson and Elener Thomson, witnessed the
will of Richard Glover of Surry County on 16 July 1715.
Elizabeth Wood's husband, Thomas Wood, of the Upper Parish of Isle of
Wight, wrote his will on 25 November 1715, with James Piland,
Catherine Piland and Mary Bennett as witnesses. He gave bequests to
his son, George Wood, and a grandson (whose name is undeciperable). He
appoints wife, Elizabeth, as executor. Elizabeth, probably his second
wife, died childless, surviving her husband by five years. Without
defining their relationship, Elizabeth Wood named James Piland as sole
heir in her will. James' second cousin, James Wilson, witnessed the
On 28 April 1720, James Piland, Benjamin Hodges, and Roger Ingram
witnessed the will of Robert Lanquishear of Upper Parish.
William Amos, of the Lower Parish, wrote his will on 10 May 1720. His
heirs were "my friend Elizabeth Whitaker, the daughter of Elizabeth
Whitaker of Denby, Warwick County ...friend, Col. John Allen...friend
James Pyland, all my books on Physicks, Surgery and all my
instruments." Elizabeth Whitaker was appointed executrix. Witnesses
to the will were William Drew, Mathew Jones, and Lawrence Baker. Amos'
will was recorded 6 June 1721. (The elder Elizabeth Whitaker has been
identified by Whitaker genealogists as the former Elizabeth Pyland.)
James Pyland, James Wilson and George Riddick appraised the estate of
Robert Kea, which was recorded 23 April 1722.
Benjamin Hodges' name appears again with James Piland, and James
Wilson, when the three were ordered to appraise the estate of William
English, on 14 February 1723/4.
James Pyland, Arthur Wills, and James Wilson appraised the estate of
John Brantley on 26 April 1725.
James Pyland and Elizabeth Sparkman were witnesses to the will of
Thomas Fiveash, dated 4 January 1725/6.
Stephen Kea's estate was appraised by James Pyland, John Brantley, and
Peter Fiveash. The appraisal was recorded 26 June 1727.
On 19 April 1727 James Pyland and John Welch witnessed the will of
Henry Kea. A few days later, on 28 April, James Pyland and James
Wilson were appointed executors of the will of Hester Brantley, who
was their second cousin once removed.
On 25 March 1728, James Pyland, James Wilson, and Thomas Moreland
appraised the estate of Henry Kea.
James Piland, Peter Fiveash, and John Bunkley appraised the estate of
George Riddick. The appraisal was recorded 23 Dec 1728, following
James' death.

He was married to Elizabeth WOOD about 1707 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. Elizabeth WOOD died in 1758. James PILAND II and Elizabeth WOOD had the following children:

child+5 i. James PILAND III.

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