5. James PILAND III was born about 1715 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. He died about 1756 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. "Isle of Wight Orphans and Other Children" - abstracted by Louise
Isle of Wight Order Book 1755-1757:
February 5, 1756 - Robert Pyland, orphan of James, is to be bound out.
(page 39) March 4, 1756 - Ann Pyland, orphan of James, is to be bound
(page 65) February 3, 1757 - William Piland, orphan of James, is to be
bound out.
(page 181) On 3 June 1756, the estate of James Piland was appraised
and signed by Elizabeth Piland. On 5 September 1765, his estate
account mentions cash due orphans.

He was married to Elizabeth 'Betsy' BRANTLEY in Isle of Wight Co, VA. Elizabeth 'Betsy' BRANTLEY was born in 1718. She died in 1826 in Howell, Lincoln Co, TN. Notarized statement from Gelene Pylant Newhouse, daughter of Felix
Eugene Pylant, dated March 19, 1994:
[UL:To Whom It May Concern:UL]: Some time in the 1950's, my father,
Felix Eugene Pylant, of Petersburg, Tennessee, became interested in
Pylant family history. This was mostly instigated by my first cousin,
Nell Douthat Miller, of Pocatello, Idaho, who asked for his
assistance. She had converted to Mormonism and was particularly
interested in genealogy. The accompanying history is as he presented
it to me, having made a copy for each of his children. (The dates of
his grandchildrens' births in ink, were added by me, on the last
page.) I understand that some of this information was documented by
Middle Tennessee records, Mormon archives, and memorabilia, family
memories and letters.
When I was about eighteen years old, and home for a vacation from
school in St. Louis, Mo., - in the late 30's - he took me for a ride
in the area and we went south of Howell, Tennessee, walked from the
main road to an open field, and near a large tree on the periphery was
a stone with the carving as follows: Betsy Pylant Died 1826 Age 108
Yrs. It was explained that this was our forebear - the first that he
knew of. Being of the age of 18, it didn't interest me for further
details. However, the stone is quite vivid in my memory. The
location is limited to the above description, since I'm not familiar
with the area and it was years ago.
He states in his history: "The first of the Pylant family that we
know of is Betsy Pylant, whose husband we do not know. She was full
blood Irish, he was full blood English. They lived in Wake County,
North Carolina, about the time of the Revolutionary War and it is
supposed that he was killed in that war. Their religion was not
known. She died in 1826 at the age of 108. She had four sons; Ben,
Billy, Robert, and John; John being the great-great-grandfather of
Eugene Pylant." James PILAND III and Elizabeth 'Betsy' BRANTLEY had the following children:

child+6 i. Robert PYLANT (PYLAND) (PILAND).

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