Arkansas White Family

Randolph, Clay or Lawrence Counties

Maybe I should have called this page Desperation, that is what we are in trying to find out White family in Arkansas.

Oldest Known Ancestor
Thomas Calhoun White
Born 31 March 1853, Randolph County Arkansas
Died 13 November 1921, Randolph County Arkansas

Married 12 September 1878, Randolph County Arkansas

Pricilla "Cella" Abigail Bates
Born 1 Jan 1860, Pocahontas Randolph County Arkansas
Died Randolph County Arkansas

Hirim Simpson White**
Born 29 October 1880,  Randolph County Arkansas
Died 17 April 1968, Rockford, Illinois
Kate Handcock
Born 22 October 1882
Died 21 August 1925
**Have Descendents to present

Elihu Alexander White**
Born 1883, Noland Randolph County Arkansas
Died 8 March 1968 Baker City Baker County Oregon
Married (1) 29 January 1917, Sharp County Arkansas
Dahlia Holt
Born 14 November 1896
Died 16 October 1919, Arkansas
Married (2) 9 June 1923, Powhatten Lawrence County Arkansas
Delphia Ophelia Harkness
Born 7 November 1906 Imboden Lawrence County Arkansas
Died 1 October 1998 Baker City, Baker County Oregon
**Have Descendents to present

Affie White
Born 14 February 1887 Randolph County Arkansas
Died as a child

Allen Jackson White
Born 14 February 1887 Randolph County Arkansas
Died 7 August 1957 Popular Bluff Butler County Missouri
Never married

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Based on family stories, we believe the family was from Ireland, came through Virginia, Cairo, Illinois and then Randolph, Lawrence and Clay counties. Elihu and family left Arkansas in about 1939 and settled in Baker County Oregon.   We have read all the census records from 1850 through 1910 and find two records that could be our Thomas Calhoun White.  In the 1860 Census of Lawrence County, Strawberry Township we find the following:


399 410 Benj  White 30 M W farmer 100 685 Tenn
Nancy J. 27 F W Tenn can not read or write
Ruben S. 9 M W Ark attending school
Catharine 6 F W Ark
Thomas 4 M W Ark

The 1870 Census of Lawrence County, Reeds Creek Township

40 40 Benjamin H. White 45 M W farmer 500 425 Tenn Male citizen
Nancy J. 38 F W Tenn can not read or write
Ruben S. 19 M W Ark can not read or write
Eliza C. 16 F W Ark can not read or write
Thomas C. 14 M W Ark can not read or write

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     There is a Rube C. in the 1900 Census of Randolph County, but his age is off by 8 years.  He is however, living next door to 5 other families that we know to be ours, Thornton, Dodson, Harkness (2), and Holt.  Of course he could be like Elihu Alexander White, he first married in 1917 and gave his age as 28.  He married a second time in 1923 at this time he gave his age as 29, so he only aged 1 year in 6 years, and we thought only women lied about their ages!

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     We have decided that if no one is going to claim this Benjamin White family as theirs, we will.  We have been searching for so long with no success, we decided adoption was our only choice. (Grin)  We have also read numerous counties in Tennessee and do not find this family, or any connection to our family.
     I have made this page is hopes that others searching for the White family in Lawrence, Clay or Randolph Counties Arkansas will respond and we can find our missing ancestors.  Please e-mail me and tell us if you are connected to our family.  I will add updates to this page with possible clues for others to connect to our family.  Thanks

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Update...Latest information leads us to believe that Benjamin H and Nancy Jane white are indeed the parents of Thomas Calhoun White.  If you have a connection to Benjamin H . White of Lawrence county Arkansas we would love to hear from you.

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