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Some people have generations and generations of their White families, wish we could say that. Other White families are related to those that came on the Mayflower, wish we could say that. Most children with the surname of White, knew their grandfather, wish we could say that.

What we do know is that our White family came from Randolph, Clay, and Lawrence Counties Arkansas. They moved to Baker County Oregon between 1934 and 1938, to a place called Snyder Meadows. After that time we have records, not a lot, but records never the less.



Thomas Calhoun White and Pricilla Abigail Bates**
12 September 1878
Hiram Simpson 1880 Married Kate Hancock*
Elihu Alexander 1885 Married Ophelia Harkness
Allen Jackson 1887 - 1968 (never married)
Effie (Died as a child)
Ben (Died as a child)

* Family available **See Bates Page

Thomas Calhoun White
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Elihu Alexander White and Delphia Ophelia Harkness**
8 June 1923
Daisy Jane 1924 Married Clarence Sweeter*
Maize Kathern 1927 Married James Croft and Byron Shurtleff*
Rose Marie 1929 Married Robert Miller*
Charlie Ruben 1932 Married Janeice Thompson*
Benjamin Franklin 1934 Married Judy Wallis (this family on Wallis page)
Lesslie Wayne 1937 Married Wilda Glencross*
Dorothy Lou 1938 Married Ralph Warden and Glen Petty*
Beulah Fay1941 Married William Roberts*
Retha Bereda 1946 Married Floyd Reece*
Teddy Verdell 1947 (Never Married)

*Family information available**See Harkness Family

Samuel Harkness Family
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Dodson is the maiden name of Delphia Harkness White's grandmother,
that is why it is included on this page.
In the very near future a new Dodson page will be made.
You can also visit the Dodson Surname Resource Page to find
others who are researching Dodson

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Benjamin Franklin 1849 Married (1)Unknown Sarah Elizabeth?
Charles O. 1871 ?
Lillie Mae 1872 Married Christopher Holt*
Ollie  1872
Wona 1878 Married William Richard Harkness*
Rhoda Belle 1880 Married Cornelius Walter Harkness*
(on Harkness page)
Benjamin Franklin Married (2)Conilla 1859
Bertie Alvah 1890 Married Cecile Ella Anson*
Benjamin Franklin 1898 Married Lola Mable Syron*
*Have family information

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